Venice, We Adore You!

Julie Jurden

Nestled in Italy's northern region on Veneto, Venice is truly a city like no other! From famous canals of shimmering waters to it's rich history, Venice welcomes travelers to explore and fall in love. 

From gondolas to canals, and amazing restaurants with the most romantic ambiance, Venice is a must see city for anyone. The scenic architecture as you drift in front of palazzos, churches, and palaces along the Grand Canal, will make you feel as though you've stepped into a painting. 

Venice is located on the site of 117 small islands separated by canals and joined by bridges. While often seen in movies and on television. Viewing this city with your own eyes is more dreamlike than you could imagine. Built on mud, the city is a modern marvel of architecture. Within it's canals are some of the world's most spectacular works of art. 

Venice Favorites:

Torre dell'Orologio— This clock tower was originally constructed starting in 1493. It displays the time, the phase of the moon, and the dominant sign of the Zodiac. 
Ca 'Pesaro—Discover a variety of modern art paintings and sculptures at this museum.
Galleria dell' Accademia di Venezia—View art from pre-19th century in one of Venice's best museums.
Campamnile di San Marco— This bell tower was erected in 1912. The views from the top of this structure are fantastic and a must see on your travels. 
Rialto Market - Your senses will come alive at the bustling market!  Select moeche (soft-shell crab) from the Pescaria or grab locally grown seasonal vegetables at the neighboring stalls. 
Palazzo Ducale - A grand Gothic palace built in the 9th century, was once the palace of the Doge of Venice. In 1923 it became a museum beloved by Venetian visitors. 

Top Venice Travel Mistakes:

Overpaying for Transportation - To save money on transport costs. Plan out your sightseeing. While the tourist travel cards are great, you can get around the city like many of the locals do... on foot.
Don't Miss Out - Venice has a great variety of places to visit. Many travelers make Venice a stop over. To truly explore the city, allow for a week. 
Overpacking - Traveling through Venice can be crowded. Pack light and save yourself some stress. 

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