From Their Hands to Your Table

More than 150 years ago, the founders of Modigliani were inspired by the rich traditions and artistry of Italian ceramics and began working from their small shop in Rome to bring their customers those beautiful, handmade pieces of functional art. Those inspirations remain the same after four generations. It is no coincidence that the Modigliani shop has always been located in the heart of Rome, in front of the Spanish Steps.  In these streets where all the Italian fashion and design are shown, all the most advanced ideas of Modigliani creations start.

It is then in Florence, Venice and other fascinating areas of Italy that these projects come to life in production. Quality is guaranteed by the brand imprinted on each object. Obviously, at the origin, there is the great Italian manufacturing tradition, which has always been known and appreciated all over the world for its very high quality level. With every design choice, every brushstroke and every other step in the process, the passion and skill of our artisans are brought to life. They create unique pieces inspired by the beauty and passions of Italy using the the same inspirations that have always shaped Modigliani products. The skills of each artisan, from kiln operators and glazers, to the designers and painters, allow each creation to be touched by the hands of many generations who share the same vision: to create a thing of beauty that has a purpose beyond it’s intended use.

What above all characterizes Modigliani’s creations is a decidedly innovative aesthetic language, which has managed to bring a second youth to an ancient material, making it the choice not only for lovers of the classic, but also for those who, on the table as well as in the home decor, seeks solutions in line with the most current trends.

The Modigliani brand thus quickly established itself as a leader in ceramics, starting new trends for tableware and homeware.

Thanks also to an efficient internal organization and an accurate distribution policy, the brand is well positioned with respect to its target audience, reaching the most exclusive shops in Italy and in the world from the United States to Korea, from Europe to Latin America and the Middle East.

We invite you to explore our collections and let their art and their stories inspire dreams or rekindle memories of adventures in Italy or great moments with friends and family. We also hope that these pieces will spark conversations and create new memories around the table, embracing the true La Grande Vita.