The Stories Behind Our Flatware Collections

Julie Jurden

Looking to accent your table? 

Flatware can add a bold pop of color or compliment a neutral place setting. All Modigliani flatware collections pull inspiration directly from places all around Italy. From traditional elegance to bright and bold, Modigliani stainless flatware features styles everyone will love. Get inspired!

Learn the stories and the rich history behind each of our collections!

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Fall Entertaining Series | Appetizing Serving Displays

Julie Jurden

As we continue our series, let’s turn to our attention to creating an elegant serving display.

First, we are very excited about the inclusion of our new olive wood collection called Legna. These rich and elegant pieces are durable, come in a variety of sizes, and bring more of that natural element to any table.

All of our products function quite well for prepping, but they’re also attractive enough to go straight to the table for serving appetizers or incorporating into a buffet. And the Legna collection is no exception – they are perfect for serving your guests. Below, we’ve layered them with crisp linens on our natural wood table to serve parmagiano reggiano and mozzarella cheeses, hand picked apples, and pane carasau – thin, crispy, twice baked crackers. The addition of the rosemary sprig provides just enough texture and a whimsical accent of greenery. Again, you have a neutral backdrop that’s warm and elegant contrasting with the color and texture of your food resulting in a beautiful and inviting display.

wooden cheese board with a variety of cheeses

Our ceramic centerpieces also work well for many purposes, including as a serving bowl for salads as we’ve used ours below. You can also use them as a place to put a hardy mum surrounded by gourds or greenery, to hold your favorite seasonal fruits, or you can partner them with the olive wood boards to serve breads and crackers. The possibilities are endless. The beauty of the piece with its swooping handles, unique shape, and artisan hand painting requires only simple solutions for its contents.


To round out your serving needs, the dual-section of our antipasto dish is used here for additions to the salad, but we’ve also used ours for olives and pits, nuts, candies, and condiments. Its versatility makes for a wonderful gift that will be used again and again.

salad set with ceramic bowl, olives, wooden cutting board and olive oil

Bringing these pieces together and layering them with beautiful linens and textures from nature places the attention on the food while still providing a festive backdrop for your holiday entertaining.

Our next in the series - Cocktail Hour


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Venice, We Adore You!

Julie Jurden

Nestled in Italy's northern region on Veneto, Venice is truly a city like no other! From famous canals of shimmering waters to it's rich history, Venice welcomes travelers to explore and fall in love. 

From gondolas to canals, and amazing restaurants with the most romantic ambiance, Venice is a must see city for anyone. The scenic architecture as you drift in front of palazzos, churches, and palaces along the Grand Canal, will make you feel as though you've stepped into a painting. 

Venice is located on the site of 117 small islands separated by canals and joined by bridges. While often seen in movies and on television. Viewing this city with your own eyes is more dreamlike than you could imagine. Built on mud, the city is a modern marvel of architecture. Within it's canals are some of the world's most spectacular works of art. 

Venice Favorites:

Torre dell'Orologio— This clock tower was originally constructed starting in 1493. It displays the time, the phase of the moon, and the dominant sign of the Zodiac. 
Ca 'Pesaro—Discover a variety of modern art paintings and sculptures at this museum.
Galleria dell' Accademia di Venezia—View art from pre-19th century in one of Venice's best museums.
Campamnile di San Marco— This bell tower was erected in 1912. The views from the top of this structure are fantastic and a must see on your travels. 
Rialto Market - Your senses will come alive at the bustling market!  Select moeche (soft-shell crab) from the Pescaria or grab locally grown seasonal vegetables at the neighboring stalls. 
Palazzo Ducale - A grand Gothic palace built in the 9th century, was once the palace of the Doge of Venice. In 1923 it became a museum beloved by Venetian visitors. 

Top Venice Travel Mistakes:

Overpaying for Transportation - To save money on transport costs. Plan out your sightseeing. While the tourist travel cards are great, you can get around the city like many of the locals do... on foot.
Don't Miss Out - Venice has a great variety of places to visit. Many travelers make Venice a stop over. To truly explore the city, allow for a week. 
Overpacking - Traveling through Venice can be crowded. Pack light and save yourself some stress. 

appetizer plates showing scenes of VeniceAre travels to Venice not in your future? Bring a touch of this picturesque city home with our Veneto collection. Sharing four scenes from the famous city of canals and Carnivale celebrations, our Veneto Collection comes in a set of four to be hung or used as appetizer plates.


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Summer Wedding Gift Guide

Julie Jurden

Wedding season is in full swing here at Modigliani. Julie and our team are always thrilled to help a bride and groom create a beautiful table. For families and other wedding guests, it can be difficult to decide on a gift for the happy couple that is as unique and wonderful as they are. To help, we have curated a selection of our fine Italian glass and dinnerware. We have even included a gift idea for bridesmaids and hostesses as well. 

Colori e Sapori
Chutney Dip in Colori

Colori e Sapori translates as Colors and Flavors. Our collection of bakeware inspires us to bring together the flavors of your dishes with Modigliani's colorful, and textured bakeware. These pieces go from oven to table bringing their bright colors to add a celebratory splash to family meals or any occasion. Also perfect for dips, appetizers and casseroles. Make this a perfect gift for the bride and groom by filling the dish a few of your favorite recipes on gorgeous cards. Garnish with a bow, and you have a gift the couple will cherish for years to come. 

Artist Series
Handmade Italian Pottery

For the couple who has it all, we present the Artist Series. Each piece of handmade pottery in our Artist Series is one-of-a-kind, or mezzo unico,  and signed by the artist.  Indulge the bride and groom in the beauty of this series created by a young, upcoming ceramist in conjunction with a seasoned painter. It is our great pleasure to share these pieces with you and support the new and revitalized interest in an old Italian tradition.

Appunti di Viaggio
Modern and colorful ceramic mugs

Does the special couple have a modern flair? The handpainted ceramic mugs of our Appunti di Viaggio collection is the perfect gift. Inspired by the world around them, artists often make sketches or “notes” about what they see and experience. Our Appunti di Viaggio collezione, or "Notes of the Village" collection takes the quick simple lines of an artists notes, and adds washes of vibrant color to create six village scenes with a contemporary twist.

Roma Amor
Amor Vase With Flowers

Vibrant and affectionate like Rome itself, our Roma Amor Collection is inspired by the love of a city full of heart, passion, and joy, that is always happy and vital. This handmade vase features a round base that gracefully twists to a square top. The bright color palette looks beautiful in any home and the happy couple will enjoy displaying flowers that express their love.

Villa d'Este
Champaign Glasses

A new twist on the traditional champagne glass! Modigliani's Villa d'Este is our hand blown glassware beautiful enough to grace any table for a dinner with friends and family. Available in two colors that beautifully complement a variety of tableware. Better yet? Surprise the bride before the wedding with these champagne flutes for their wedding day toast!


Utensil jar

The Buongiorno! Collection brings the lucky rooster, an iconic Italian symbol of good fortune, into your kitchen or onto your casual table with an updated and colorful flamboyance. What a beautiful way to add an exclamation point to your celebrations and gatherings. Help stock the kitchen for the bride and groom by filling the Buongiorno! Utensil Jar with wooden spoons, spatulas, dish towels, and more. 

intrecci gift basket

These woven, colorful ceramic pots and baskets create a new twist on the traditional. The story of this collection begins with a mother of four who mastered the wheel but missed her children while working and began to produce pottery in a separate small room at home on her own wheel. These were produced by one of those children who learned their craft at age 5! Available in a variety of sizes, these baskets make ideal bridesmaids gifts. Fill with lotions, oils, bath bombs and more to create a spa basket your ladies will love and remember for years to come!

Frutta LaccataOlive Boat

Looking for a versatile gift for the bride and groom? This handmade Italian olive boat is your answer. Fill it with nuts, stuffed dates, mushrooms or tomatoes, or olives, of course! Fits into any side table or buffet as a beautiful accent piece. 

Condotti Flatware
handmade italian flatware

The handles of our Condotti flatware are tipped with stainless steel ridges reminiscent of the Spanish Steps in Rome. Handmade in Italy of 18/10 Stainless Steel, the whole Condotti collection is available in multiple solid colors including lightly stained wood with decorative handles to match any of our ceramic patterns or any tableware the bride and groom may have on their registry especially those special serving pieces for salad, pasta, cake, or lasagna.

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Introducing Buongiorno!

Julie Jurden

Buongiorno Rooster CollectionIntroducing Buongiorno! Our newest and most whimsical rooster pattern. Italian legend speaks highly of the rooster. In the 1400’s a crowing rooster saved the then ruler of Florence, Giuliano de’ Medici’s life. 15th-century Florence assassins targeted Guiliano de'Medici but, as they approached his palazzo, the loud crowing of alarmed roosters foiled the attack. In gratitude, and probably to publicize his invincibility and send a message to future assassins, Medici had hundreds of glazed clay wine pitchers made in the shape of roosters and distributed to the citizens of Florence. The intersection of good fortune and good politics produced an enduring artifact that is a staple of Tuscan decor today.

You can add a touch of good luck to your day with our newest rooster collection Buongiorno! This collection is a new twist on a traditional Italian motif. His plume of feathers is playfully painted and displays cheerful colors. This collection fits beautifully with our other Italian ceramic patterns: Mosaica, Pop, and Villa Medici as well as our Via Veneto and Condotti flatware. 

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A Message from Italy From time to time, Stefano, the Owner of...

Julie Jurden

A Message from Italy

From time to time, Stefano, the Owner of Modigliani Italia, will provide us news from Italy.


Summer… this is a magic word here in Italy. It means sun, seaside, vacations… and everybody is taking their vacation during August.

Therefore July is with no doubt the hardest working month of the year - but also the most thrilling for me and my staff here in Italy. Before the end of the month we must be ready with all our exciting projects for the fall and have ended all the works for the summer. During July we run and run to finish everything in time. We want to be sure that all the seeds that we planted during these months produce the fruits that we wish.

And so… at the end, here we are! Ready for our vacations and very, very happy with our new lines designed for Autumn 2014.





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Summer Serving Creating beautiful ceramics isn’t the only...

Julie Jurden

Summer Serving

Creating beautiful ceramics isn’t the only tradition in the family of the owners of Modigliani. This wonderful summer tabbouleh was created by Silvia, a member of the third generation, in our Sogno Toscano pattern decorated only with the earth and sky. Check out her website at for more wonderful recipes and stay tuned for more of our favorites.

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Finally! Yay! Our first shipment in a container on the sea has...

Julie Jurden


Yay! Our first shipment in a container on the sea has finally arrived! Just two days late, I couldn’t wait to unpack every single box so I did it all today. It is like Christmas for me to see the final product planned so long ago. Despite the sparsely air conditioned and dusty warehouse, I enjoyed every minute, crooning country music and digging deep into each pallet box. I can only hope those who receive these beautiful pieces will have a similar sense of joy.

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