Introducing Buongiorno!

Julie Jurden

Buongiorno Rooster CollectionIntroducing Buongiorno! Our newest and most whimsical rooster pattern. Italian legend speaks highly of the rooster. In the 1400’s a crowing rooster saved the then ruler of Florence, Giuliano de’ Medici’s life. 15th-century Florence assassins targeted Guiliano de'Medici but, as they approached his palazzo, the loud crowing of alarmed roosters foiled the attack. In gratitude, and probably to publicize his invincibility and send a message to future assassins, Medici had hundreds of glazed clay wine pitchers made in the shape of roosters and distributed to the citizens of Florence. The intersection of good fortune and good politics produced an enduring artifact that is a staple of Tuscan decor today.

You can add a touch of good luck to your day with our newest rooster collection Buongiorno! This collection is a new twist on a traditional Italian motif. His plume of feathers is playfully painted and displays cheerful colors. This collection fits beautifully with our other Italian ceramic patterns: Mosaica, Pop, and Villa Medici as well as our Via Veneto and Condotti flatware.