Our Stay at Home Guide

Julie Jurden

Many of us find ourselves with more time on our hands than we would like with the current social distancing and global economic climate. Here at Modigliani we are no different and it got us thinking about what we have wanted to do “if we only had time.” We are sharing a few ideas we had to battle the virus blues, looking forward to warmer days and returning to our routines.


Plan a vacation


Getting lost in researching a future dream trip is a luxury we don’t often have time to do. Of course we are partial to Italian travel and each part of Italy offers something unique to explore. We found this great YouTube video as an overview to start the process of investigating travel in Italy. We try to tackle a new spot when we go to plan the new lines each year but even with many trips, we have barely scratched the surface! Rome alone could take weeks. 


asparagus tart

Work and activities can limit most households from finding time to cook on a regular basis. Nothing is wrong with throwing a burger on the grill or ordering a pizza but when time permits, enjoy pulling out the pots and pans and go to work. Here is a simple dish we put together using asparagus perfect for the season. 

Clean out the cabinets and set the table

Spring table

We all have our go to plates, bowls and mugs we use all the time without thinking about it. I bet you have more cabinet space devoted to items you never use or see for months! Reacquaint yourself with all those platters, linens and flatware. It is like getting new gifts! Make staying home a special occasion and set the table with all the trimmings. Even if it is you and your spouse or the whole family together home from school and near and far, make it a celebration to be together. Who needs a holiday to use these special things. We pulled a table together for fun with Easter in mind. Springtime flowers brighten the mood!

Learn a New Language

This time social distancing makes an ideal time to learn a new language. There are so many wonderful online resources when it comes to learning a foreign language. Often our excuses are time. In my case, learning Italian would be wonderful. Many of our collections are in Italian and that is a start! Here are a few: Terre di Chianti – Land of the Grapes, Primavera – Springtime, Buongiorno! – Good Morning or Good Day. 

Watch a Movie

Another idea of what to do during this time of social isolation is watch a movie! Here are a few movies that showcase Italy and certain make us long for days of travel to this amazing country. 



If you’re a bookworm at heart, you’ll love today’s suggestion. Grab a book set in Italy to pass the time. 


We hope these ideas have been fun to read about and explore and have maybe stirred some thoughts of your own for spending precious time we don’t often have.