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Special Carnevale Recipe | Jasper Mirabile’s Zeppoles

We’ve been talking about Carnevale for the past week. By now you may be wishing you were there, but missed your window to book the trip this year.  

Well, if you can’t make it to one of the many spectacular events throughout Italy, celebrate your own Carnevale at home.

Inspired by Fall | Truffle Hunting in Abruzzo

As fall quickly approaches, I’m reminded of the incredible gifts my favorite season brings. The crisp air, the changing leaves, the smell of bonfires, and of course, the food.

Fall serves up hearty meals that awaken the senses and warm the soul – it’s a visceral experience for me.

As I sit here browsing the Lungotevere collection with its beautiful color palette and thoughtful details, my mind returns to the autumn I traveled to the Abruzzo region for an...

The Mediterranean Blues

Guest Post by Tara Jantzen

Enticed by the surrounding hills, rugged cliffs, warm sandy beaches, and the deep turquoise sea, the relaxed vibe and salty air of the Mediterranean makes you want to immerse yourself at an outdoor café, kick off your shoes, and stare at the sparkling water as you sip a crisp glass of white wine.

And let’s not forget the food.

Fishing villages in the Mediterranean are abundant with al fresco dining and Trattorias serving up the most wonderful, and often simplest, of local seafood dishes. There...

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth at Gelato Festival 2017

If you have a sweet tooth, like we do, then Italy’s Gelato Festival is your destination this summer. Starting April 21st in Florence, and moving through various Italian cities through the season, Gelato Festival 2017 is a celebration of the beloved Italian treat and cookies, of course. In each city between eight and sixteen gelato makers will battle it out on your taste buds for the best maker in the area.


If Italian travel is not in the cards for you this summer, why not have...

European Trend Watch: Blending Modern, Antique, & One-of-a-Kind

Modigliani values the personal touch above all. We reflect this not only in our customer service – we relish answering questions and helping customers pick out gifts – but also in our commitment to bringing truly handcrafted Italian ceramics directly to tables across North America.

We believe in preserving the traditional production of our pottery and dinnerware that our artisans have learned for...

Hope for Healing This Holiday Season

When you’re close to the finish line in a race, it is not a sign that you need to slow down. It’s a sign that you need to speed up.

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that strikes girls at an early age. A dear friend of our family has been afflicted with the disease, making us so grateful for the fact that researchers are on the verge of a cure. With therapies that promise to actually...

A Message from Italy From time to time, Stefano, the Owner of...

A Message from Italy

From time to time, Stefano, the Owner of Modigliani Italia, will provide us news from Italy.


Summer… this is a magic word here in Italy. It means sun, seaside, vacations… and everybody is taking their vacation during August.

Therefore July is with no doubt the hardest working month of the year - but also the most thrilling for me and my staff here in Italy. Before the end of the month we must be ready with all our exciting projects for the fall and have ended all the works for the summer. During July we run and run to finish everything in time. We want to be sure that all the seeds that we planted during these months produce the fruits that we wish.

And so… at the end, here we are! Ready for our vacations and very, very happy with our new lines designed for Autumn 2014.





Finally! Yay! Our first shipment in a container on the sea has...


Yay! Our first shipment in a container on the sea has finally arrived! Just two days late, I couldn’t wait to unpack every single box so I did it all today. It is like Christmas for me to see the final product planned so long ago. Despite the sparsely air conditioned and dusty warehouse, I enjoyed every minute, crooning country music and digging deep into each pallet box. I can only hope those who receive these beautiful pieces will have a similar sense of joy.