October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Julie Jurden
2016 Angel Plate
October is Rett Syndrome awareness month. Each year we call attention this rare disease. 

One of our greatest blessings is to have grown up with a family that faces the daily challenges and incredible joy of raising a daughter with Rett Syndrome. For those that may not be familiar with this condition, Rett Syndrome is a neurological disorder that is first recognized in infancy and seen almost always in girls. It causes problems in brain function that are responsible for cognitive, sensory, emotional, motor and autonomic function. These can include learning, speech, sensory sensations, mood, movement, breathing, cardiac function, and even chewing, swallowing, and digestion.

Rett syndrome presents many challenges, but with love, therapy and assistance, those with the syndrome can benefit from school and community activities well into middle age and beyond. They experience a full range of emotions and show their engaging personalities as they take part in social, educational, and recreational activities at home and in the community.  

In order to do our small part to help find a cure for Rett Syndrome, we have a special A​ngel P​late created each year. Proceeds from this limited edition signed plate go to help find a cure for this disease that effects so many and is within grasp. Financially, we hope our small contribution will help further the cause but more importantly, we hope our Angel Plate creates an awareness and promotes support for Rett Syndrome girls and their families. 

We invite you to join us in finding a cure for Rett Syndrome. You can view the 2016  Angel Plate design here. We have only 50 created each year, making this a very special gift for someone you love.
If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection of Angel Plates, we have a limited number of previous year's plates.

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