Hope for Healing This Holiday Season

Julie Jurden

When you’re close to the finish line in a race, it is not a sign that you need to slow down. It’s a sign that you need to speed up.

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder that strikes girls at an early age. A dear friend of our family has been afflicted with the disease, making us so grateful for the fact that researchers are on the verge of a cure. With therapies that promise to actually reverse the symptoms of Rett Syndrome almost at our fingertips, we wanted to do something to raise awareness and help researchers push a little closer to the finish line.

Piastra Angelo: The Art of Compassion

An Angel for Change

The holidays are a time to think about what we’re grateful for and to consider ways that we can make the lives of others a little easier. We saw a really beautiful opportunity here to increase awareness and support for Rett Syndrome. We collaborated with our Italian artisans to create the Piastra Angelo, or the Angel Plate. We are so proud that our artists were able to create a piece of such simplicity that speaks so powerfully about hope and kindness. This is the first plate in a series of four.

Reasons to Hope

Now seemed like the perfect time to act on behalf of our Rett angel friend and all of the girls affected by the disease. Celebrities like Julia Roberts and Clint Black have raised tons of money and awareness for Rett Syndrome, which has helped to advance the cause to where it is now. Amazingly, researchers have recently been able to reverse the disease in mice, bringing hope to so many families affected by the disease.

What You Can Do

When you purchase our Angel Plate here, 100% of the profits go to Rett Syndrome research. But if you want to look for other ways to help end the disease, there is so much you can do. RettSyndrome.org gives you the opportunity to donate directly to research or to plan your own fundraiser to raise money and awareness.

This holiday season, we want more warmth, more love and more light. We want to make sure that all of our friends are able to embrace la grande vita with us. Share the ways you’re making the holidays brighter for those around you with us on Facebook and Twitter!