Updating the Olive Collection for the New Year

Julie Jurden

My New Year’s resolution? To get better at keeping secrets.


Because there’s something I’m excited to share with you, but I can’t yet! 

The best thing about the New Year is that it is a time to focus on renewal. It’s a fresh start. You get to make resolutions, maybe take a yoga class or work on kicking a bad habit. The New Year is a time to take advantage of new opportunities.

But it’s also a time to look back and reflect on what you loved about the past year. You get to remember the good times, the celebrations, the time you spent with family and the fun you had with friends.

Here at Modigliani, we’ve been thinking about ways we can celebrate the past and look forward to a bright new future with you. We’ve come up with an offer that gives you a chance to do both with us!

Out With the Old

In honor of the New Year, we are updating our classic Olive collection. This has always been one of our favorites because it is impossible to use these pieces without thinking about Tuscany and the memories we’ve made there. For those of you who already love this collection or those new to the collection that want a little piece of it before it is gone for good, this is your chance to get the napkin holder, tea pot or espresso cup you’ve had your eye on. And the best part? The entire collection is half off (while supplies last, of course)!

In With the New

The Olive collection is being spruced up and returning as our new Extra Virgin collection. While we can’t show you everything, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at the pattern (Did I mention that I’m not very good at keeping my New Year’s resolutions?) below.


Resolve to Embrace La Grande Vita

This New Year, our resolution is to help you to make everyday a celebration. And we promise to keep it. Tell us about your New Year’s resolutions on Facebook and Twitter, and be on the lookout for a more complete look at our newest favorite collection, Extra Virgin!