Returning to the Nest: College Kids Coming Home for the Holidays!

Julie Jurden

With Christmas finally behind us, the pace has slowed down (a little) around here! It’s been great having family back home, especially now that that the holiday rush is over and we can spend more time outside of the warehouse.

It’s been livelier around the house since college break started. Our daughter, who just finished up her finals, was looking for a way to wind down from the craziness of studying and taking tests. She concocted a really fantastic meal – and we got to reap the benefits!

A Winter Meal to Remember


The main attraction was duck breast that was pan-seared to give it just a little crust on the outside while keeping the center juicy and moist. She also made sweet potato gnocchi from scratch, garnished with sauteed spinach and leeks and topped with parmesan. And then she whipped up a little palate cleansing salad from arugula and blanched carrots. The earthy duck with the sweet gnocchi and the peppery arugula was so nicely balanced and comforting. I was really impressed!

Handmade gnocchi and duck breast is a pretty special meal, partially because it takes a lot of time and care to make and partially because it’s proof of how special these few days that we get to spend all together really are.

Make Time For the People You Love

We know how hard it can be to let your kids go off to college, but that separation makes moments and meals like this even more special. Eating this amazing meal reminded me how important it is to make the most of the time I get to spend with her while she’s on break from college. The little moments that you spend with your family are precious. Don’t forget to make the most of them! Join all of us at Modigliani in embracing la grande vita by sharing your one-of-a-kind holiday memories on Facebook and Twitter.