Old World Craftsmanship Meets Sleek Modern Design

Julie Jurden

Ready for something totally unexpected?

The trademark of Modigliani is a respect for the past, an appreciation for the romanticism of the simplicity of Italian life. Most of our designs look to the past for inspiration.

This one is really special because it looks to the future.

The pieces in our line La Forma del Sogno-Rosso are graphic black and white with a pop of red. With sharp lines and boldly imagined craftsmanship, these pieces are simple while being impossible to ignore.

Croppy crop.jpg

The Form of a Dream

With this collection, the emphasis is on design. La Forma del Sogno-Rosso translates to “The Form of a Dream.” And this is the perfect name for a collection like this. The asymmetry built into the collection gives it a surreal, dream-like quality. La Forma del Sogno-Rosso is a collection that is, like a dream, unpredictable, surprising and delightful. The abstract design is playful, encouraging you to play with your food a little, while the colors keep the pieces elegant and timeless.  

Very Italian After All

Innovation is part of the Italian spirit. La Forma del Sogno-Rosso does not recall the Italian countryside, but it is defined by the fire and passion of the Italian artisans who design and create it.These are pieces that spark conversation. These are pieces that make you look twice. These are pieces that will make you remember the meal you shared together. 

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Share the Dream

Modigliani is passionate about sharing our vision of creating a space where art meets craftsmanship to elevate every meal into a warm and exciting celebration. Let us help you surprise and delight your guests with these handmade expressions of the adventurous Italian spirit. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to tell us how you’re bringing the exciting Italian dream into your everyday dinners.