Dinner Party Italian Style Inspired by our trip to Italy, we hosted a dinner party to try out some...


Dinner Party Italian Style


Inspired by our trip to Italy, we hosted a dinner party to try out some new Italian recipes and wines to a very forgiving group of friends who are used to our experiments! We love to cook but also don’t want to miss out on any conversation so our criteria for food at these gatherings involves lots of pre prep and help in the kitchen. Our dining room table is round...

Roman Finale

Rome has a taste of everything Italian. It provides many contrasts to the senses. It is a bustling city with crowded subways as well as a place with garden like piazzas, lemons the size of grapefruits sold in stands down any street, and drinkable water from a spigot outside the Pantheon. It is a place of celebrations with Carnivale confetti on the streets and trattorias with black truffle delights...

February Trip

Italy has, of course, the expected beauty of the Tuscan countryside and the Venetian canals but the unexpected is equally wonderful. We have shared some of both below

Florence Hotel

We drove around and around before we found our hotel in Florence on a tiny side street just blocks from Piazza dei Duomo. You can see why it was difficult to find.

Florence Hotel

And look what a surprise inside! Only seven rooms with breakfast made each day by the caretakers, a young husband and wife living there with their three children

Chianti Country

Off to the beautiful wine country and the Castello Verrazzano (yep, the same one as the bridge in NYC). This boutique winery not only had fabulous Chianti but the best olive oil and balsamic vinegar we have ever tasted, all in breathtaking surroundings!

Venice Day Trip

As you have seen from the Valentine post, we enjoyed Verona and used it as a home base to visit Venice during Carnevale di Venezia which has just begun. This celebration originated in the 14th century and has evolved over the centuries to become a tradition of masquerade balls and merry making. The traditional masks were worn so no differentiation could be made between nobility and common people...

Valentines Day

Who can celebrate romance like the Italians? From the chocolate stands in the piazza in Florence to the flower stand in Lucca and of course the home of Romeo and Juliet in Verona, love is in the air! Hope your Valentines Day was as special as ours and you enjoy the photos here. Arrivederci from the Hotel Giulietta e Romeo (not kidding)!imageimageimageimageimageimageimage