Finally, after an incredible meal, found by chance three blocks...

Finally, after an incredible meal, found by chance three blocks from my
hotel, I had to share in case you travel to Florence. This is Il Profeta,
founded 33 years ago by Claudio and Martina. After hearing my order,
Claudio personally offered his suggestions which I took. If you go there,
they are gluten free if needed and you must have Bonta del Profeta, Heaven
at Profeta and it was! Located at Via Maso Finiguerra and Borgo Ognissanti
in Florence, this photo is Claudio and our waiter Martino. Stay tuned!

Italy in full swing

As a new business owner and a technological neophyte, I am learning my way
in the blogging and facebooking world so I hope you will stick with me in
my pursuit to bring to you what I love most about Italy and my experiences
there. Tonight I am in Florence gearing up for several days of designing
and brainstorming with artists and my partner. But as I have an evening to
absorb Italian life around me...

Off to Italy Soon

The travel plans are set and my bags are almost packed; Italy here I come.

I am looking forward to a busy, productive trip to work on new designs and new products.