Dinner Party Italian Style


Inspired by our trip to Italy, we hosted a dinner party to try out some new Italian recipes and wines to a very forgiving group of friends who are used to our experiments! We love to cook but also don’t want to miss out on any conversation so our criteria for food at these gatherings involves lots of pre prep and help in the kitchen. Our dining room table is round and seats a comfortable 10 and a very friendly 12. We started with assorted Italian meats, cheeses and olives and mini pizzas with eggplant served with wine from the Chianti region or Pellegrino. (We cheated and bought the pizza to cook but why mess with perfection of this delicious Melanzano pizza from a local spot. ) We continued with white or red wine from the Chianti region and started dinner with Fagioli soup, better if made ahead so the flavors gel. This was followed by Arugula and feta salad sprinkled with pomegranite seeds and tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Dinner included saltimbocca alla Romana with butter wine sauce(pre seared and warmed up in the sauce), fresh asparagus and roasted potatoes with garlic, rosemary and olive oil. Finally an almond cake made the day before with ricotta cheese drizzled with honey.

The photo gives a sneak preview to the evening filled with the joy of planning and cooking and the company and conversation of great friends! La Grande Vita!