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Every time I travel to Italy, I am inspired by the sense of family around me. Each step in life’s journey is to be celebrated and time with family and friends is cherished above all. From weddings and babies to birthdays and anniversaries, traditions are rich and meaningful. 

At Modigliani, we have begun a new collection called Milestones to bring meaningful traditions to our customers that they can share with family and friends. Our first milestone celebrates the new home.

Benedici questa casa con gioia e amore

Bless this home...

Love, Life, and Luck - It's Wedding Season

Photo of italian wedding with bride and groomIt’s June and that means wedding season is in high gear. For many of us, save-the-dates and wedding invitations have made their way to our mailboxes. The cadence of shopping, planning, traveling, toasting, celebrating, dancing, and drinking has just begun. While our heads spin with those inevitable years when everyone seems to be getting hitched around the same time, making it difficult to simply enjoy a celebration, it is fun to witness familiar traditions, sometimes reinvented for modern brides.