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The Transformation Begins

The transformation begins!

As the demolition of the space begins, the family is greeted by unexpected treasures. Behind the ceilings and walls, the original brick arch is discovered with a wooden ceiling above. Ancient nails are hoped to be repurposed to hang light fixtures in the space.

Cabinet work is underway with the design mirroring the quality of the product it will soon hold.

The flooring will transition...

Embrace L’Amore

Anyone can make a reservation at a restaurant. It’s convenient. A dinner date at a restaurant requires minimal planning and not much effort. Finding parking might be the biggest challenge you’ll face all night.

And while we are all for convenience, isn’t there something much more romantic about making an effort?

Why You Don’t Need a Reservation This Valentine’s Day


Isn’t it the telltale sign of...

Old World Craftsmanship Meets Sleek Modern Design

Ready for something totally unexpected?

The trademark of Modigliani is a respect for the past, an appreciation for the romanticism of the simplicity of Italian life. Most of our designs look to the past for inspiration.

This one is really special because it looks to the future.

The pieces in our line La Forma del Sogno-Rossoare graphic black and white with a pop of red. With sharp lines and...