Introducing Porto Venere!

Julie Jurden

Porto Venere

Introducing our newest collection, Porto Venere! Inspired by the rich traditions and artistry of Italian ceramics, this nautical themed collection combines an array of vibrant colors in a nod to the harbor nestled there and the exotic sea-life that frolics in the gentle sea waves of the Italian coast. 

Located on the Ligurian coast of Italy, Porto Venere is a tourist town that caters to its guests with an array of hotels & inns. While on holiday in this Italian coastal town, tourists walk the island promenade in the Doria quay and picturesque Alley and stop to shop at the local boutiques and dine at the outdoor eateries.

With panoramic views of the church of St. Peter and the Doria Castle, Porto Venere offers a distinct landscape all its own with high coasts, caves and vegetation that enhance the atmosphere each season with the changing colors.  The warm sea breezes swirl on the island shores to make way for a truly Mediterranean feel where the waters, with their shades of deep blue & turquoise, can go from being calm and reflective one minute to rough and rocky the next. 

The visually stunning Porto Venere collection combines a variety of effervescent colors that were designed especially to mix and match well within the design itself but can also be accented with most Via Veneto flatware color options. 

So add the vibrant colors of the Italian seas to your table with our newest collection, Porto Venere, available now!