Introducing Panarea!

Julie Jurden

Introducing Panarea! Inspired by the rich traditions and artistry of Italian ceramics, this coral color collection is the sister design to our beloved collection, Mediterraneo, and is a gorgeous salute to the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea. 

The Panarea island boasts open-air discotheques, spectacular sea views and robust micro vineyards amongst the whitewashed adobe cottages garlanded in bright bougainvillea flowers that fill the island. Whether it’s scuba diving on the island’s shores, dining on spaghetti alfresco with a dessert of tiramisu or enjoying a bottle of the local Malvasia sweet wine, Panarea is a magnificent Italian paradise for any tourist. As well as a fashionable vacation spot in the Mediterranean, where a very playful, group of guests reside during the season. From the sunset views on the terraces to the glistening sand on the beaches, Panarea island is a pristine and polished gem of the seven-island Aeolian chain offering unique and breathtaking sights.

The Panarea Collection design combines images of sea creatures such as playful lobsters, jovial octopus’ and jubilant sea horses in a vibrant coral color that reflects the volcanic nature of the island chain. The collection has an added element of character with the texture and form similar to the uneven sand on the beaches of the island.  The Panarea collection is beautiful all on its own but can also be accented with our gorgeous Via Veneto flatware.

So add an element of fiery distinction to your table with our newest coral collection, Panarea, available now!