Creative Ways to Give Thanks

Julie Jurden

“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”

-Albert Einstein

Tis the season to be thankful and often times it’s hard to know how to show how grateful we are to the awesome people in our lives. The following will outline some creative ways to show your appreciation. Remember to never forget the power your words have. Many times we think we say how much we appreciate our friends and loved ones but more often than not we forget to actually say it. Simply saying I am grateful for you can mean more than any other act of appreciate. 

  • Smile: It’s contagious and shows you shine when they’re around
  • A handwritten note given unexpectedly.
  • Time: A commodity that is often in short supply. Grabbing coffee or a drink, catching a sunset or a walk together can show that loved one you value them.
  • Staying in Touch: Time can get away and many of our loved ones live far from us. Put it in your calendar as a reminder to reach out to them in a note or phone call. Scheduling this time will make sure you never forget. 
  • Call someone you know is in a tough spot and just listen for as long as they’d like. 
  • Make a friend their favorite meal or buy them a bottle of wine and drink it together, slowly, with no agenda.

When it comes down to it, sincerity is the key to showing your gratitude. Being genuinely thankful is what people want to see. Smile from ear to ear, send a note, make a phone call, send a gift, and make sure to say, “thank you.”