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Benedici questa casa con gioia e amore

Bless this home with joy and love

For centuries around the world, including Italy, the tradition of bestowing housewarming offerings on friends and family representing the truly important things in life has been practiced. Each element evokes well wishes for a long happy life in a new home. A meaningful start for a wondrous journey.

Included items are as follows:

Olive Oil: You will have good health

Salt: Your tears will be happy ones and your life will always have flavor and spice

Honey: You will have the sweetness of life

Bread: You will never go hungry

Wood: Your life and home will always have stability, harmony and peace

Candles: You will always have light

Broom: You can sweep away the evil

Coin: You will have good fortune

Rooster: Your home will have protection

Each gift is beautifully packaged with an enclosure card. Careful attention is given to the whole experience from the moment the box is received.

 *Sourcing for items will vary based on availability


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My daughter and son-in-law really like the housewarming gift!

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