Visiting the Amalfi Coast

Julie Jurden

A magnet for visitors since the Roman times, the Amalfi coast and it’s three magnet islands, have been delighting is visitors. Where the mountains meet the coast, this idyllic area’s beauty in incomparable.

Here are two of our favorite locations to visit when in the Amalfi Coast:

When traveling to the Amalfi Coast, be sure to visit Villa Cimbrone. This historic building, dating to the 11th century AD, was once home to the Accongiogioco, a noble family. During it’s history,  Villa Cimbrone, has passed through the hands of various other wealthy families, and at one time was even part of a monastery. In 1960, it was purchased as a private home, then transformed into a hotel.

Amalfi CatherdralDuring your stay, be sure to tour the Duomo, or Cathedral of Amalfi. This gorgeous structure is a 9th century Roman Catholic cathedral. The remains of St. Andrew were reportedly brought to the Duomo from Constantinople in 1206 during the Fourth Crusade.

If you can’t travel to the Amalfi coast, but would like to bring a touch of it home, you’ll love our Amalfi Collection. It highlights the lemons grown in the terraced groves on the Amalfi Coast with flowing blue detail on a creamy white background. Our Condotti blue flatware and Tivoli marine blue tumblers are a wonderful compliment to these accent pieces and platters.