Julie Jurden

What does the longest suspension bridge in the United States have in common with some of the best wines in Italy?

Most of us are familiar with the name Verrazzano from the bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island in New York City. It is named after Giovanni da Verrazzano (though spelled differently) who discovered the bay of New York in 1524. I learned, when researching a trip to Italy in October, that he was born in a 1000 year old castle on the grounds of a large vineyard nestled between Florence and Siena, now known as Castello di Verrazzano. Unimaginable in our young country!

The castle and the surrounding vineyards were restored by the Cappellini family in 1958 paying careful tribute to the rich history. Today Luigi Giovanni Cappellini and his wife and daughters continue to provide an opportunity to enjoy incredible wines, wonderful meals created largely from their produce and a perfect venue for guests and events. 

We were lucky enough to tour the property and have a wonderful wine tasting overlooking the vineyards. An unexpected favorite was the balsamic vinegar made on the grounds as well. Our experience was understated and intimate, something we have found to be possible when brave enough to rent a car to explore the region!

We hope you enjoy the photos and experiences we share from time to time. Whether you have been to Italy or dream of going someday, it is our pleasure to offer a piece of this incredible country to you.

Large Italian Ceramic Pitcher Near Fireplace