Introducing Mazzo di Fiori

Carson Shopify

Looking for a way to bring the colors of springtime to your table? Look no further than our newest collection, Mazzo di Fiori. You can almost smell the fresh cut flowers featured in this collection. Featuring a color pallet of blue, yellow, pink, and green, this collection of handmade ceramic dinner plates is truly delightful. What better way to greet friends or family, thank hosts and hostesses, express love for a special someone or just brighten your own countertop than with a fragrant bouquet of colorful fresh cut flowers.

During our Italian springtime travels, few things dazzle the senses more than Italy’s flower markets and carts. Seemingly located on every corner in Italy, the flowers’ sweet smells and pops of color are so expressive. Mazzo di Fiori, which translates to basket of flowers, allows you to bring this touch of the season right to your table throughout the year.

The delicate hand painted flower design and gentle green edging mix beautifully with our Primavera Charger, Via Veneto flatware in green, and Tivoli tumblers in green.