Collection Profile - Roma Amor

Julie Jurden

Roma Amor handmade Italian Dinnerware

Brighten up your home with the beautifully inspired colors of Rome showcased in our Roma Amor Collection. This collection, featuring items from plates to vases, is inviting to all with their bright and joyous colors and patterns. Roma Amor’s handcrafted ceramic pieces, like all Modigliani collections, are forged in workshops where artisans produce works of art using techniques handed down through generations.

In each piece of the Roma Amor Collection, you will find variance, giving it a personality of it’s own. The bright color palette plays homage to the traditional Rome colors that were often found in clothing and ancient drapery centuries ago. With such lively shades, the collection can be used year round as daily dinnerware and table centerpieces, or even for special occasions and holidays.

Vital and vibrant, Roma Amor can liven up any tablescape. We invite you to display a piece of Italian workmanship on your own table with the Roma Amor Collection. Like Rome itself, with it’s beautiful array of vast colors that captivate the eye, these intricate original pieces are sure to catch everyone’s attention.