Celebrate the Year of the Rooster

Julie Jurden

2017 is the Year of the Rooster! In Chinese tradition, characteristics of the rooster include fidelity, punctuality, and warding off evil spirits. The Rooster is the tenth in the twelve year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the Year of Rooster, according to Chinese zodiac, have many strengths that include being independent, capable, warm-hearted, honest, and communicative.

Within Italian culture the rooster has a rich history as well. Dating back to the early Renaissance period in the Republic of Florence,  while under the influence of the most wealthy and powerful Medici family, and their known rival the Pazzi family. The Pazzi family attempted to remove the Medici’s power by assassination. It began with a party hosted by Giuliano Medici, who was known for his partying lifestyle.  In the fall of 1478, Pazzi and friends went to Gallina to interrupt the festival and attempt the assassination. However, there was an unexpected obstacle to get into the village. A yard full of startled roosters woke Giuliano and his guards who were able to catch the assassins and eventually bring them to execution. Ever since then, roosters are a sign of protection and luck often found in Italian art.

The whimsical Buongiorno! collection features a bright and lively celebration of the rooster. A new twist on a traditional Italian motif, the rooster’s colorful plume of feathers is playfully painted demonstrating it’s bright personality. This collection pairs beautifully with our other Italian ceramic patterns such as the bright blue Mosaica Dinner Plates and of course the Villa Medici Chargers. The blue creates a pop of color paired with Buongiorno!, and the elegant white charger provides the perfect backdrop, impressing anyone at the table. Serve with the five piece setting of the Via Veneto in blue. Create a contrast of vibrant colors with the Biancheria Gold and Rust Placemat and Napkins. And finally, make a toast to the Year of the Rooster with the hand blown Tivoli Blue Tumbler. These glasses have a slanted top and an imprint at the base to create a comfortable feel in the hand.

Bring a little luck to your table and celebrate the rooster all year long!