OUR WINNER! I am honored to present our winner for the Mothers...

Julie Jurden



I am honored to present our winner for the Mothers Day Contest. Here is her story:


“It is so hard for me to articulate verbally sometimes, so I am grateful for the opportunity to use writing to show appreciation for my Mother.  This wonderfully unique gift comes at a perfect time and is very appropriate this Mother’s Day.  Six months ago my husband left our family.  Losing a spouse no matter how or why requires time to grieve.  Doing this with a 2 and 6 year old that require my time and love is difficult.  Especially when they are grieving too. There was no hesitation from my mother to jump in and help out in anyway she could. I had been a stay-at-home-mom for 5 years and she had just entered retirement. I know she was looking forward to a nice relaxing lifestyle after many years of hard work.  But instead she was faced with helping me raise my girls so that I could go back to work. Whether it be taking the kids for me, listening to me grieve, or doing my dishes for me.  She is there. Often I come home to a vacuumed house, clean bathroom, and laundry done.  Having these things done for me allows me the time to nurture and care for my girls.  These services are invaluable.  During this time I have realized how important family is to each other. How it really does take a village. This Mother’s Day she deserves nothing less than a gift that is unique and heartfelt. A gift that someone put their heart into to make, as she has put her heart into her family.  I am very grateful!  Thank you.”