Flexibility and a Sense of Humor (cont)

We arrive in Sorrento with fingers crossed that my guess at a hotel will be fabulous. Hotel Regina. And it is! A beautiful view of the sea and Mt. Vesuvius complete with a patio, a bathroom that you can move in and a rooftop dining room with glass all around. (www.hotelreginsorrento.com)

The staff is quite helpful and friendly so we plan our limited time with their input. Dinner tonight was to be at a quiet place to have delicious seafood. Tomorrow see the main spots on the Amalfi Coast. Bus is best so you can see the beautiful views from the window. Sit on the right side of the bus going and left returning. Stops are Amalfi and Positano. Great! Wrap up on the second day with Pompei in the morning and head to the airport. Perfect plan!