Marsala: Timeless, Trendy and Italian

Julie Jurden

If you follow color and design trends, we have big news.

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2015! And we are happy to see that their choice was very Italian!


The Pantone color for 2015 is a major departure from last year’s ethereal and playful Radiant Orchid. Marsala is an exquisite deep maroon shade that manages to be very grounded and earthy while also exuding an air of opulence and luxury. Marsala also plays well with other natural shades like greens, golds and blues, colors prominent in many of our lines.

An Essentially Italian Shade

Marsala is a shade that has deep roots in Italian culture. Long before Marsala was crowned color of the year, it referred to the city in the Sicilian countryside. The city was famous for producing a fortified wine that became known as Marsala, deep and complex in color, sweet and rich in flavor. Marsala wine even became an essential ingredient in Italian cuisine, making an appearance in savory dishes like chicken marsala (yum!) and the delicious dessert/drink zabaione.

The Color of the Italian Spirit

More importantly, the color captures all of the best things about the Italian lifestyle and attitude. It is earthy while being sophisticated. It is sensual without trying too hard. It is versatile, looking extremely luxe in one context while looking warm and inviting in another. This duality is makes Marsala such a fascinating choice for every application from tablescapes to fashion.

Let’s Toast the Pantone Color of the Year!

The more aware that we became of Marsala, the more that we started to see it everywhere, in glasses of wine in restaurants, on dresses in fashion-forward boutiques and, most surprisingly, in our warehouse. When we started looking at the pieces around us, we started to notice that almost everywhere we looked, our artisans had incorporated Marsala into the designs.

You can enjoy the shade in a number of our collections, including Terre di Chianti, a design inspired by Italian landscapes and vineyards, just like Marsala. You can enjoy the wine in our Villa D’Este wine glasses. So join us in raising a glass to the Pantone Color of the Year! Share your favorite Marsala-hued pieces with us on Twitter or Facebook today!