Linens - A Fine Italian Tradition Continues

Julie Jurden

Traditional Italian Linens being sold at the beach


Passion for linens is born in the Italian culture. In generations past, Italian families prepared a Corredo for their daughters. The Corredo, or trousseau, was a collection of fine linens used to create towels, bed linens, table cloths and lingerie. Grandmothers, aunts, the mother and other female members of the family would collect and hand-embroider fabrics as their contribution to the Corredo. As each girl gets older, they themselves would add to the collection. 

This tradition crossed socio-economic lines. Regardless of income, each family created a Corredo, the difference being the number of pieces in the collection and the richness of the fabrics. The minimum pieces for this trousseau, for even the most humble families, were:

  • 24 double sheets of pure hand-embroidered linen
  • 24 simple sheets of pure linen
  • 36 pairs of pure linen pillowcases
  • 12 towels of canvas of Holland
  • 6 guest towels
  • 12 organza table cloths
  • 6 everyday table cloths
  • Lingerie of linen and silk nightgowns, canvas shirts, capes, scarfs and such


As the bride’s wedding day drew closer, the mother reserved the finest of the linens to be used on the wedding night for her bed linens and nightgown. 

This lovely tradition has taken on a modern twist. Today, Italian mothers prepare the Corredo and give it to her daughters when they marry. The included linens give the bride-to-be a beautiful start in creating a fine linen collection for her new home with her husband. Linens are still a fundamental part of Italian culture. When Italian families invite guests to their home, it is important to welcome them with beautiful table linens and towels. 



Maurizio and Sandra, are currently the creators of the linens at Modigliani. They are heirs to an old family tradition that crosses generations. Their grandparents, Bruna and Giuseppe, produced linens using the best Tuscan embroiderers in the 1950s. They are known for precious tablecloths and sheets fully embroidered.

There were difficult years in Italy just after World War II, but they managed to bounce back on their feet by selling their beautifully made items directly on beaches frequented by the bourgeoisie of Northern Italy.

Today, Maurizio and Sandra wanted to follow the family tradition by innovating the family trade, offering a product closer to the modern customer demands, without ever losing sight of the quality and accuracy of craftsmanship.

Modigliani works to keep this tradition alive by offering an array of fine linens for the table. So as weddings come up throughout the year, think of purchasing table linens for the happy couple allowing them to start a Corredo of their own.