Love, Life, and Luck - It's Wedding Season

Julie Jurden

Photo of italian wedding with bride and groomIt’s June and that means wedding season is in high gear. For many of us, save-the-dates and wedding invitations have made their way to our mailboxes. The cadence of shopping, planning, traveling, toasting, celebrating, dancing, and drinking has just begun. While our heads spin with those inevitable years when everyone seems to be getting hitched around the same time, making it difficult to simply enjoy a celebration, it is fun to witness familiar traditions, sometimes reinvented for modern brides.

We talk a lot about traditions here at Modigliani because they mean so much to Italians. For Americans, traditions more often come from something started in our own families, whereas Italian traditions are steeped in religion, history, culture, and even superstition. And many incorporate symbolic meanings. Weddings are a great example where superstition and symbolism are significant in Italian traditions. While today’s modern Italian bride may not carry over many of these traditions, there are some that remain.

Grooms used to be the ones that selected and paid for the bridal bouquet as a final gift for his beloved and would often present it to her at the church. Today the bride likely selects the bouquet, but they may still continue with the tradition of the groom presenting it to her as a gesture of love.

Small but meaningful actions to bring luck and abundance to the couple were prominent in the past. Brides used to wear something green the night before the wedding for good luck and grooms were known to carry a piece of iron in their pockets to ward off evil spirits. The bride would never wear anything gold on her wedding day, other than her wedding ring, as that too would bring bad luck.

While in the U.S. we say it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, in parts of Italy it was seen as bad luck for the bride to see her own reflection in the mirror. If she really wanted to see herself in her gown, she would have to remove a shoe or glove before gazing in her mirror. And in some cases, a bride would even rip her veil for good luck.

Speaking of shoe removal, the tradition of the groom removing the brides garter is also a tradition in Italy. However, if the bride did not wear a garter, one of her shoes would be removed and tossed to the crowd for luck instead.

Another tradition that has mostly gone the wayside is the cutting up of the groom’s tie. Once destroyed, the pieces would then be passed to guests in exchange for money.

And one tradition that has been mostly upheld is the carrying of la borsa, or satin bag, by the bride during the reception. The purpose is for guests to place envelopes of money into the bag to help pay for the wedding and the couple’s new life together.


italian wedding favors that looks like leavesThe giving of bomboniera is also something that continues. These are small pouches or boxes of candy coated Jordan almonds meant to symbolize the bittersweetness of marriage. Each pouch must contain an odd number, usually 5 or 7, which are considered lucky numbers.

During the reception, there is a dance called La Tarantella, or the tarantula, which again, is how guests wish the couple good luck. Participants stand in a circle surrounding the couple while holding hands and moving in a clockwise direction. As the music plays, it eventually kicks up tempo which signals reversing the direction and repeating until everyone collapses together at the end – very popular even today.

There are a number of other traditions that Italians across various regions have upheld over the years or have modernized for today’s world, but the importance of celebration and bringing luck and love to the couple continues in a myriad of ways.

One thing that never changes is marking the occasion by showering gifts on the happy couple. If you’re a bride-to-be or buying for one, Modigliani offers a gift registry for unique items anyone would love. Starting a new life together with beautiful, handmade Italian dinnerware is perfect. Preparing meals and hosting dinners for family and friends is something many look forward to as a new couple. Let us help make that experience even greater with the art and artistry of our distinctive ceramic dishware, flatware, and one of a kind pieces.

And to all the soon to be and recent newlyweds, buona fortuna e auguri (good luck and best wishes)!

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Introducing Amalfi

Julie Jurden

Lemon groves nestled in terraced hills with a bright contrast between the green leaves and blue sea, the strong scent of lemon blossoms or "zagare", and views that are breathtaking all create the atmosphere of the Amalfi Coast. The environment produces unique lemons "sfusato amalfitano" which have a distinct shape, color and flavor, and is the inspiration for our latest collection, Amalfi.

This collection highlights the lemons grown in the terraces groves on the Amalfi coast. The bright pop of yellow lemons in this design is accentuated by a flowing blue detail on a creamy white background. This handcrafted collection features serving and accent pieces that you’ll love using at casual family dinners and entertaining affairs. Pair this bright collection with our Condotti blue serving pieces and Tivoli marine blue tumblers. Limoncello anyone?

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Spring Gift Guide - Bridal Showers, Mother's Day, Teacher Gifts and more.

Julie Jurden

We welcome you to browse our Spring Gift Guide!

Spring is upon us and with it, celebrations galore! From Mother's Day to bridal showers and hostess gifts, Modigliani's handmade Italian ceramics are the perfect gift with an Italian flair. And as the school year comes to a close, don't forget to thank that special teacher! We have just the gift for them too.


Intrecci translated means to weave. This woven ceramic collection features a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. These make a gorgeous Mother's Day gift filled with beautiful flowers. But are equally spectacular for a bride, teacher or hostess. Fill the small oval basket with candy as a teacher gift! She will be able to reuse as paper clip storage on her desk. 

Shop Intrecci

Amore Ceramic Heart Boxes

Inspired by the affection we hold for our friends and family, our Amore collection. These colorful ceramic heart boxes can make a delightful gift for mom, brides, and teachers. Available in a variety of sizes, these handmade Italian boxes can hold paper clips, earrings or candy. Just a small amount of creativity and you have a unique gift that speak volumes.

Shop the Amore Collection

Colori Ceramic Bakeware

Colori e Sapori translates as Colors and Flavors. Our collection of bakeware inspires us to bring together the flavors of your dishes with Modigliani colorful, textured bakeware. Perfect for dips and casseroles, any piece from this colorful set is sure to be a delightful gift for mom. Couple this bakeware with a favorite recipe written on beautiful paper and this becomes a lovely gift for a bridal shower or teacher as well. 

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Small Medium Large

Our Primavera collection features pots in three sizes. Primavera is a celebration of the colors of spring. In this collection, cerulean sky, and marigold mingle with earthy greens and browns, depicting a quintessentially spring floral motif. From this collection, we feature these handmade ceramic pots. Each make an ideal gift for those with a green thumb. But don't despair, they can be used in a non-traditional way too! For that favorite teacher, fill with paper clips, pens, or other needed office supplies. They can keep the ceramic pot on their desk as a decorative organizational tool, or add a plant or flower to bring a little of the outdoors in! 

Shop our Primavera Collection

 Rosso Appetizer Dish

Our Rosso appetizer dish makes a lovely hostess, bridal or Mother's Day gift. Fill it with their favorite candies. When the goodies are all gone, this handmade ceramic dish can easily become a part of their entertaining collection. Rosso translated simply as Red combines the artistic excellence of the Italian tradition with the contemporary functional flavor of strong geometric shape with a multi-dimensional feel. The brilliant red glazing achieves a unique finish that allows entertaining for a special occasion or an everyday event.

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 buongiorno Olive Utensil Holder Festa Utensil Holder
Buongiorno! Olive Festa

With such a variety of styles, Modigliani has the perfect handmade Italian ceramic utensil holder to fit anyone. They make a delightful gift alone, or for the bride-to-be, fill with wooden spoons, spatulas, and other kitchen necessities. 

Shop our selection of utensil holders


tivoli drop glassware 
Tivoli is an ancient Italian town near Rome, at the falls of the Aniene river. The city overlooks the rolling hills and pastoral beauty of the Roman Campagna. It is the rich colors and the changing landscape of this area that inspire our Tivoli line. Available in a variety of colors, Tivoli Drop Glassware is beautiful for everyday use. What a colorful gift for the bride and groom!

Shop our Tivoli Drop Glassware

Buongiorno! Extra Virgin Pop

From the bright and lively Buongiorno!, to the warm and traditional tones of Extra Virgin, Modigliani has mugs as varied as the Italian landscape. Fill with candy or school supplies for a teacher or start off the couple-to-be's coffee collection. 

Shop Ceramic Mugs

Ninfa Pitcher 

Celebrate the joy of the season with one of our handmade ceramic or glass pitchers. For Mom, grab a bouquet of flowers and use the pitcher as a vase. Not only will she enjoy the lovely blooms, but when they fade, Mom is left with a useful and gorgeous pitcher.

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Happy Anniversary

Julie Jurden

This month for the wedding post I couldn’t help mentioning my 27th anniversary which was June 13th. Yep Friday the 13th! My husband Lenny and I always considered 13 a lucky number. So with 27 years of wear and tear and lots of chips and cracks, we retired the pottery we registered for and replaced it with some of our favorites! And to celebrate on Friday, we shared Caesar salad, steaks on the...

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