The Transformation Begins

Julie Jurden

The transformation begins!

As the demolition of the space begins, the family is greeted by unexpected treasures. Behind the ceilings and walls, the original brick arch is discovered with a wooden ceiling above. Ancient nails are hoped to be repurposed to hang light fixtures in the space.

Cabinet work is underway with the design mirroring the quality of the product it will soon hold.

The flooring will transition between rooms with the finale being a Palladiana or tile in a mosaic pattern featuring Modigliani ceramics in the path!

Says Stefano, fourth generation family member in charge of the project, “ Our goal is to keep inside the store all of our rich history while at the same time transitioning to the future with a completely new look.”

Stay tuned for updates as we progress to the opening this Spring!

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Coaxing Spring With Playful Plaids

Julie Jurden

Why wait for the weather to reflect what you feel?

At Modigliani, our minds are on spring despite recent snow. Some might say it’s silly to allow our imaginations to scamper off to sun-dappled days prematurely; we say that to embrace la grande vita means to indulge in a little dreaming now and then.

When our thoughts drifted to the warmer season just weeks away, an unexpected pattern came to mind:...

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