The Art of It All

Julie Jurden

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

Nowhere else does art and artistry encapsulate everything they do, what they create, the professions they choose, and how they ultimately live as abundantly as it does in Italy. It has arguably been the epicenter of art in all its forms for centuries.

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Art Galleries Across Italy

Julie Jurden

One cannot think of Italian travel without art coming to mind. Some of the worlds most exquisite art is featured in galleries and museums across Italy. We have selected a few of our favorites that showcase a variety of styles. 

Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze - Founded in 1784, this Florence gallery houses one of the most famous pieces of art in the world, David by Michelangelo. Seeing David and his beauty in addition to the skill involved is remarkable.

The Vatican - From architecture to gardens to walls and ceilings, The Vatican is one large museum! Everywhere you look there is beauty. To have your breath taken away, visit the Basilica of St. Peter. It's dome dominates the Rome skyline, beaconing visitors to come see this awe-inspiring structure.

Santa Maria delle Grazie - Within this collection is one of the world's most famous paintings, DaVinci's The Last Supper. If your Italian travels bring you to Milan, this work is a must see. Due to humidity and the surface it was painted on, the painting has deteriorated over the years. This work is a favorite of Julie Jurden, Owner of Modigliani. She describes it as "breathtaking."

Peggy Guggenheim Collection - Located within the Palazzo where Peggy once lived, this collection showcases some of the most prestigious collections within 20th Century art. From Picasso to Pollock, this Venetian treasure is a modern art lovers delight. 

Inspired by the masters of the past, the artists for Modigliani Italian Ceramics, applies that inspiration to all their creations. We invite you to browse our collections of handmade, hand painted Italian ceramics to get a little inspiration for your table.  

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