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Our beautiful orecchini, or earrings come in a variety of colors and are handmade in Murano Italy.

Discover the Inspiration for Orecchini

Murano glass is created only on the island of Murano, located within the borders of the city of Venice in Northern Italy. Murano glass in its core is a material consisting of a homogenous mixture of various substances in the form of a powder. The glass powder transforms into a pasty consistency when heated to a temperature varying between 1300°C and 1400°C and becomes workable liquid glass at around 1500°C. Gold or silver foil are often added to the glass mixture, along with such minerals as copper for sparkles, zinc for white color, cobalt for blue, manganese for violet, and so on. The mixture is then mouth-blown and/or hand-crafted by master glassmakers using special techniques and basic tools, many of which have been developed in the Middle Ages and changed little since then.

The metal in our jewelry is  termed Zamak.  Zamak is an alloy composed of silver, zinc and number of other metals. The name Zamak is an acronym of the German names for the metals of which the alloys are composed: Zink (zinc), Aluminum, Magnesium and Kupfer (copper).

Zamak is ideal for jewelry as it is durable and does not age like other metals. It is able to offer detailed designs that are skillfully crafted and do not deteriorate, break or look worn or faded with time. Zamak is less expensive than silver but has the same soft luster. And although it has the same solid and hard-wearing quality as steel, it is lighter.

The advantages of Zamak include hypoallergenic properties as well as the fact that it is nickel free metal. Therefore, it causes neither allergies nor rashes, which is a great advantage for jewelry, especially for people with sensitive skins.


  • Earrings
  • Green
  • 2 inches long
  • Handmade in Italy

Customer Reviews

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Laurie Williams
Beautiful Jewelry

I got both the green and black and gold earrings. They arrived quickly and I've worn the green ones twice since then and the gold and black ones once. Each time, they added a nice sparkle to my outfit that I loved and I received numerous glowing comments about them. They are comfortable and aren't heavy. I have short hair, and the length of the earrings was perfect.

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