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Our beautiful baby shirt made of 100%cotton and hand embroidered is a very special baby gift.

Discover the Inspiration for Camicino della Fortuna

“Good luck shirt” is a classic Italian tradition. It is believed that dressing a newborn in the shirt soon after birth will bring the baby good fortune and saving it without washing as a piece to be passed down through the generations was common historically. Our camicino della fortuna is made of 100% cotton and hand embroidered with care by an Italian seamstress.

The ladybug is known as  a porta fortuna or bearer of good luck. In Italian culture, they are thought to be very good luck for new born babies, and so depictions of the lovely little creature can commonly be found in nurseries. The story goes that, in Medieval Europe, farmers were desperately trying to defend their crops from garden pests. They prayed to The Virgin Mary for help, and soon they began to see small red beetles with seven black spots in their fields. The presence of those beetles seemed to miraculously save their crops, and the farmers named their new little friends “Our Lady’s Beetle” in reference to The Virgin Mary, as she is commonly depicted wearing a red cloak. While maybe not a miracle, their presence was definitely fortunate. The Ladybug, as it is now called, is a natural predator of harmful garden pests such as aphids, and are still used as a natural form of pesticide in gardens! So you will note this lucky little creature is a thread throughout our collection

  • Baby Shirt
  • White with Embroidery
  • Newborn
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Washing Machine Safe

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Weaver
Absolutely Beautiful!

The blouse is gorgeous, the delivery was perfect, and I cannot wait to give this to my friends.

Sharon Unti
Perfect special gift for a new baby!

This tiny garment is so incredibly special, unique and memorable for that most precious baby. We purchased it for our grandchild and were certain to include the described inspiration. Our daughter and son-in-law absolutely loved it and told us that it is now a treasured family heirloom!

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