Winter Entertaining Series | Elements of the Table

Winter Entertaining Series | Elements of the Table

Julie Jurden

Continuing with our winter entertaining series, let’s break down the winter table a bit by looking at a few distinctive elements.

Let’s begin with the place card.

Many of our items can serve multiple purposes, so get creative and try a few things out. For example, our Rosso espresso cups have found another use besides serving up a caffeine jolt. Try trimming some juniper greens and placing them in the cup with cinnamon sticks. Or you can use other greenery that’s just as elegant and fragrant. It’s a simple project that looks quite festive on any table. By turning the place card “on its side,” you can add a fun twist that takes the table from everyday to special occasion in a matter of minutes.

christmas place card with cinnamon and greenerie

Next, let’s look at layers and color.

The plates stacked below are a mix and match of the new Montagne Invernali collection combined with pieces from Rosso and the rich green of the Frutta Laccata charger. Combining and layering collections with different shapes, sizes, and colors is a simple way to add interest and depth to the table.

Finally, our Tivoli pitcher and glasses have wonderful, subtle shapes with clear glass making them the perfect option for showcasing our winter spice punch flavored with cinnamon, oranges, and cranberries. It looks beautiful and tastes even better!

To make our holiday punch yourself, follow this simple recipe.

  • The punch starts with 6 cloves and ½ teaspoon of cardamom seeds. Tie these up in a teabag or coffee filter so they stay together but infuse the drink. 
  • Next, combine 2 cups each of cranberry and orange juice, 4 cups of apple juice, and 1 whole cinnamon stick. Simmer together with the bags of spice mixture for 30 minutes and let sit while it cools – the longer it sits, the better it tastes.
  • Serve over ice with a few cranberries and cinnamon sticks as garnish. Cinnamon vodka can be added for your adult guests.

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