Modigliani, the tradition continues of merging old and new

Julie Jurden

At the end of the 1800’s, an entrepreneur opened a housewares shop on Via del Leoncino, a narrow street in the middle of Rome. Over 100 years and four generations later, his family will honor the origins of their company by affirming their vision to bring beautiful functional art into the homes of their valued customers via a newly renovated store front on Via Frattina which fulfills the promise that has been in place for generations; a blend of respect for traditional methods and historic themes with an exploration into surprising design elements and unpredictable composition.

The shop on Via Frattina known as Stilvetro, was a wedding gift given to a grandchild of that first entrepreneur in 1960. His daughter and their mother, ahead of her time as a shop owner herself, had begun to explore beyond housewares to foster relationships with artists in ceramics and glassware and her children continued to develop and cement these partnerships adding flatware and linens as well.  The Modigliani brand was born out of a cooperation between these siblings who together opened a store with that name on Via Condotti and began to design creations with their artisan partners exclusively for them. Modigliani grew to be a destination on Rome’s most exclusive shopping street for the finest gifts for any celebration including brides and their family and friends. Other lines were introduced and the store was always bustling with tourists and locals alike but for the owners, something was missing.

In the 1990’s the siblings decided to pursue separate interests and closed the store on Via Condotti. Stilvetro, the small shop on Via Frattina once again became the focus of the family that today is the heart of the Modigliani brand. The pursuit of design became prominent again as well as a vision to share the brand not only throughout Europe but across the ocean into North America and today across the globe. Fitting, then, that the transformation from Stilvetro to the Modigliani flagship store is happening on Via Frattina known as a “street of trends”.

Stay tuned as Stilvetro becomes Modigliani …………