Flexibility and a Sense of Humor (cont)

Julie Jurden

Next morning we walk to the bus spot. We speak to the fellow in charge who indicates that we can go to Amalfi but not via Positano, which is on the way, however we can come back from Amalfi to Positano. We find this a bit confusing but decide to go ahead for the 9 a.m. bus. According to the bus schedule there is a 9, 9:15, 9:30 and 10 bus to Amalfi. Apparently ours covered all four, leaving at 9:45, late for the first three but early for the last!

Off we go, proudly seated for 50 minutes on the right side to save our spot before we finally left the station. I notice some odd turns but I am not the best at directions so assume they know where they are going. Then, I notice the view of the sea, on the LEFT side of the bus! As we learn there is a wall issue on the normal road to Amalfi which was to be fixed in 3 hours the day before (and still not fixed 48 hours later) so we are going north up the coast and then dropping through the mountains to get to Amalfi. Oh boy.

Let’s just say that this bus was not meant for the narrow mountain roads. Our twenty something driver hit the road like he was in a Ferrari while talking on the phone and texting on the straight albeit narrow areas in between hairpin turns. Where visibility was limited, the horn was honked as a warning (about every 20 seconds). Eventually, the right side of the bus became relevant for the view AND the reminder that the wall of the road only came up to the top of our tires and we were six inches from it most of the way!

We arrive in Amalfi! It is 11:30. The plan was to stay about an hour or so and then catch a bus back to Positano and then back to Sorrento. We ask the driver when we can get the bus to Positano. We are told that is not possible, only back to Sorrento and it leaves at 5. Oh boy. While Lenny takes photos, I check with the ticketing folks for travel by boat or other bus options. No boats, too choppy on the water. No bus to Sorrento either. Must take two buses and a train to get back. First bus leaves at 3:30.

Ok, disappointing but we are in Amalfi. We explore the Cathedral of Amalfi and have lunch at a place we found by accident that was amazing, Trattoria da Gemma (www.trattoriadagemma.com) After lunch we decide maybe we should check in with the bus station to be sure. It is about 2:25. Guess what, a bus to Sorrento at 2:30! No changing buses or trains leaving at 3:30. In fact, nothing at 3:30.  A new plan. Glad we checked in right? Let’s just say the ride back was the same as the ride over minus the phone and text interference, thank goodness!