Open House, Open Heart

Julie Jurden

Our hearts are a little more open and a little more full of gratitude after yesterday’s Thankful Thursday Open House.


Festive Collaboration

The week before Thanksgiving seemed like the perfect time for us to open our showroom and share the things we love. It also seemed the perfect time for collaborating with one of our favorite stylists, Amani Skalacki.

If you don’t already know Amani, you’re missing out! You may have seen her work in EA Bride magazine. She’s made her reputation as stylist by being passionate, creative and enthusiastic. She’s also incredibly talented. She’s the amazing stylist behind Skala (need proof of how great she is? One glance at her website should convince you:

And we were lucky enough to get her into our showroom to work her magic. She had full access to our storeroom and she was able to put together a display that showcased the beauty of our handcrafted Italian ceramics pieces in the context of her playful aesthetic. While also decorating for the holidays! Impressive!



Over the course of three days, she transformed our space into a whimsical and warm holiday wonderland. Who thinks of trimming a Christmas tree with espresso cups? Amani, that’s who.

Helping Others During the Holidays

When you focus on what you’re grateful for, you seem to find yourself in a place where you’re more open to giving to others. Our Open House was also an opportunity to display one of our favorite pieces, the Angel Plate. We commissioned the plate to honor and help fight Rett’s Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that strikes young girls. And all of the proceeds go towards fighting the disease, so if you’re looking for gift that’s beautiful and meaningful, you really couldn’t make a better choice. Amani created a gorgeous display to highlight the Angel Plate and it fit in perfectly with our holiday theme.

Opening our Doors for our Neighbors

So obviously we were excited to show off her work. We opened our doors twice Thursday, once in the morning to share coffee and biscotti and then again in the for happy hour in the evening (who can resist wine and cupcakes, right?). We were so proud to be able to host old and new friends in our newly decorated showroom and to share the things that excite us with the people that most matter to us.

Gearing Up For the Holidays

Our Thankful Thursday Open House was an opportunity for us to connect to the people who inspire us – the life-loving, warm and funny customers who make the art of Modigliani possible. We are grateful for your support and inspiration. Tell us what you’re grateful for on Twitter and Facebook! Let’s embrace la grande vita all together this holiday season.